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it was so easy to make money , just play better than others palyer.

Can playing play money help in this case Heads up 200NL
I want to become a better Poker player/Heads up.
I understand that alot of the donks will just be playing rags
and not having a clue what they are doing but could this help
my game at all if I play similar to the way I would if it were real money?

|||Not really. People don’t play the same with play money and you get no practice controlling tilt or bank roll management using play money.

|||Deposit, read articles, post hands and discuss theory will help you improve. Play money is rubbish.

|||I started playing FR play money 2 years ago. Now I play fr nl 50. If you have no poker experience play money helps. I learned how to calculate pot odds because there are a lot of All-in on the flop. Should you call with a draw or not? I worked my way up to about 10 mil play chips and lost it all very fast. I was bummed…lol. It was the 1st big BR lesson for me. It took loosing my BR 3 times once at play money and twice with real money. I have not lost my BR in a year. I started playing with real $ when I was bak up to about 10 mil. Those points are still sitting there on my PS account.

|||To learn the basic rules and betting structures of the games: Yes

To get any idea how the actual flow of the games/action go: Hell no.

|||You could potentially use playmoney to learn how to tighten up in full ring games and play according to pot odds. People will be bluffing constantly, but I have seen flops dealt and a few normal sized raises take place before everyone just starts shoving their stacks in. However most players are usually just going allin with random cards for the fun of it, so you wont get to see that many flops. Instead you will basically just be playing a preflop game of like AK and JJ+.

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